Getting together this autumn? Get together in denim! 

Denim4Dementia is back! We are once again asking people to don the denim to support people living with dementia.

(Even if you are working from home, taking part in a Zoom meeting, or just getting on with life - please do it in denim, the more items the better!)

How to take part
  • Pick any day in the month. October is Denim4Dementia month, but if you want to go earlier or later, that's fine too.
  • Pull on your denim - the more the better - and ask your family, friends and workmates to join in too from afar

  • Make a donation to Alzheimer's Support. We suggest £2 or £3 per person but any amount will be gratefully received! 

  • Share your photos using the hashtag #Denim4Dementia, and tagging us @Denim4DementiaWiltshire on Facebook and Instagram, and @AlzheimersSupp on Twitter

Download your Denim4Dementia pack

Why get involved

Taking part in Denim4Dementia is a great way to help support people living with dementia in Wiltshire. Every penny raised will go towards our much-needed music, art and exercise groups.

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I didn't think Dad would take that much notice of the fact he was wearing a denim shirt. Well he loved every minute and still talks about it now. He's never owned a denim shirt before and now he wants to wear it all the time

- Carer Rachel on Denim4Dementia 2019 at Old Silk Works Club