As one of the Movement for the Mind coaches, I am passionate about improving our members' movement, coordination, strength, and balance through our various exercises and playing a plethora of adapted sports, from balloon tennis to indoor hockey, skittles, country dancing, and more!

We aim to have fun, relax, laugh, and enjoy our classes, all set to familiar music while incorporating some of the key components of exercise. I really hope that our one-hour sessions, always with a cuppa and biscuit as a refreshment afterward, provide some physical and mental assistance and respite for our members and their families/carers.

 I, therefore, wanted to do something to help fund these classes and thought I would like to lace up my running shoes one more time! This is my 16th London Marathon, I think (I have lost count), and every year I get older, and every year, the training gets tougher, but it is a small sacrifice to pay if I can help.

We all will, are, or have been touched by loved ones or friends living with Dementia, and therefore, these services are invaluable within our community. PLEASE spread the word and support as much as you can.

Thank you 

Hen x

Henrietta Mackinnon