First of all, you are not alone.

We all become more forgetful as we age and many older people find it harder to learn new information quickly.  However, if you have any worries about your memory, at any age, or have been feeling confused, anxious or low, you should see your GP. If someone close to you is experiencing these difficulties or acting out of character, encourage them to visit their GP and offer to accompany them.  

There are good reasons to see the doctor early, not least to rule out other conditions. It may be that the symptoms you are experiencing have a completely different cause and one that is treatable.

If what you are experiencing is the start of dementia, the sooner this is detected the better. Although dementia is not curable, treatments are usually more effective if started earlier. People tend to have a better quality of life if they have longer to come to terms with the diagnosis and to make plans for this new, different phase of life ahead.  

Getting diagnosed

Planning ahead

Living well with dementia

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