Christmas can be a difficult time for people living with dementia. 

The festive season should be a time of togetherness, friends, family and parties, but for someone living with dementia and their family it can lead to heightened stress, sadness and fear of the unknown. That’s why the greatest gift you can give this year is to support those in your community with dementia to feel connected and included. 

Here at Alzheimer's Support we are asking everyone to donate and to share their own Christmas Memory - in recognition of the power of happy memories to bring renewed joy and togetherness.


John with Christmas wreath

John's #ChristmasMemory

"I got married on Christmas Eve. We were both 23. I was a night worker in London, printing magazines. We got married, then jumped on a train at Paddington and went down to Torquay where we stayed in a nice, big hotel for two weeks over Christmas and New Year for our honeymoon. We had a fantastic time and came back to our work and our life together for the next 60 years."


Ian and Jill

Ian's #ChristmasMemory

"Christmas 1946 – wartime over but rationing still working.
People happy, relief at no air raids!!
Looking forward to New Year, waiting for my 11th birthday on the 28th"  



Mary with xmas wreathMary's #ChristmasMemory

"I remember presents - lots of presents. I really wanted a china doll, and one year I got one! I played with her a lot and made clothes for her too."



Childhood or significant memories can be specially important to people living with dementia.

This Christmas we’re asking everyone to share a #ChristmasMemory and donate so we can continue to support people like John, Ian, Ron and Maria all year around.

You don't have to be affected by dementia to take part! Please share your own #ChristmasMemory on social media and ask for a donation to Alzheimer's Support - just copy and include the link to this page and remember to tag us too. It's a fun way to connect with your own family and friends and you'll be helping to make a real difference. 

Supporting people all year around

Alzheimer's Support works hard throughout the festive season - and throughout the year - to help people lead lives that are independent, creative and meaningful. 

Only £1 of every £4 we spend on our award-winning day clubs, home support and community groups comes from council or health service funders. The rest is down to the kind gifts of supporters like you.

We need to raise £300,000 a year - or £822 every day - to keep our services running and to help people living with dementia in Wiltshire to lead active, meaningful lives.

Thank you for any donation you can give us today.

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