Zoom online exercise

Regular members of our Movement for the Mind and other community groups are being invited to join in at home  via the magic of Zoom online sessions. It's lots of fun, a great way to keep up exercising together - and to see some familiar friendly faces. The sessions are held at the same time of the week that the group would normally meet. 

This week's sessions      

Tuesday 9th June 2pm          Movement with Hen

      If you normally come to one of our groups and would like an invitation to join us via Zoom please email Sarah Marriott (Don't worry if you haven't used Zoom before - we can help you to get started.)

      Videos to share

      Our regular teachers are also creating videos of sessions to try out at home. 

      Pash Ashley

      Pash, a fitness trainer and occasional Movement for the Mind instructor, has created four videos of similar exercises for you to do at home. Two are shorter and two are longer, and one of each length is seated. Choose the one that is right for you. You can pause the videos at any time, and play your own music alongside if you wish too. 

      All Seated - 44 minutes


      Seated With Standing Aerobics Segment - 44 minutes

      Seated With Standing Aerobics Segment - 25 minutes


      All Seated - 25 minutes

      Henrietta McKinnon

      Hen, our instructor at our Movement for the Mind groups in Devizes and Mildenhall has recorded a series of videos featuring exercises that can be done at home. They include a couple of warm-ups and mix of seated and standing options. There is also a separate session on balance.

      SEATED ARM WARM UP 3.34 minutes


      SEATED LEG WARM UP 5.19 minutes


      SIT TO STAND EXERCISES 4.20 minutes


      BALANCE EXERCISES 4.17 minutes

      Also have a look at our Virtual Music for the Mind videos

      Celebrating Age Wiltshire has excellent seated dance videos to join in with at home. There are five videos, ranging from the first which is very gentle, to more active at number five. All can be done from your chair. Celebrating Age Seated Dance videos

      More activities to do at home