Regular members of our art sessions and other community groups are  invited to continue their creative works at home via our fortnightly themed art packs and online tutorials. They are suitable for all abilities, from absolute beginner to the highly experienced.

The packs, which are sent out through the post, include all materials, from ideas templates and photographs of relevant artworks to, where needed, paints, paper and brushes. 

Everyone taking part is also encouraged to keep their own art diary, where they can record things they have seen and done that they can use as the basis for a project. 

Online art tutorial sessions for those group members who have the technology for this will also be available from June 5th with a range of activities planned.

The packs and online sessions are all priced at £3, to help cover the costs of materials.

Email Sarah to sign up or find out more.

Upcoming session online

Tuesday 24th November 2pm, Art at the Museum.

An exciting collaboration between Sarah Gregson and Salisbury Museum. The session is inspired by one of the museum's paintings 'Landscape of the Megaliths' by Paul Nash. Sarah will share a video of The Wiltshire Museum's director, David Dawson, telling us about the painting and then we will have a go at making our own version using scrap paper. Local artist Rachel Heard will also be offering top tips.

Materials needed: scrap paper, pencils (coloured pencils if you have them) and some glue (Pritstick or PVA but Pritstick is easier). One sheet of A4 as the base, but otherwise any paper will do, such as tissue paper, newspaper, wrapping paper or old envelopes.

Suitable for all artistic abilities and absolute beginners!

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