Our first cafe opened in 2009 as a meeting place for people with dementia and their families, at a time when there were few opportunities to socialise with others affected. Since then our seven cafes have developed into much-valued social and information-gathering occasions where people can strike up friendships, chat informally to professionals, find out more about dementia and support from a wide range of speakers, and enjoy refreshments and entertainment.

Click below for the programme and directions to each cafe.

Amesbury meets on the second Monday of each month

Chippenham meets fortnightly on Thursday mornings 

East Grafton meets on the first Monday afternoon of each month

Harnham (Salisbury) meets on the fourth Thursday of each month

Melksham - due to reopen in 2021

Warminster meets on the fourth Monday evening of each month

Westbury meets on the second Wednesday of each month

Keeping everyone safe

Our groups reopened in September with approval of Public Health England and are exempt from the Rule of Six. We are planning to reopen from 7th December are running some groups on Zoom until then. Read about how we are keeping everyone safe in our Covid-specific Risk Assessment for Community Groups