To mark national Volunteers' Week we asked some of the people who use our services what they felt about the men and women who donate their time to support our groups and clubs across Wiltshire.

Here's what people at our cafes and Music for the Mind groups in Amesbury and Harnham said: 

“They make us welcome and also without them we can’t see how the events could take place.”

“They give up their time for us.  Setting up and clearing furniture.  Also providing me with a decent mug of tea which is much better than the stuff I brew myself.” 

“They have cheerful smiling faces and make us feel welcome.” 

“They listen to me when I am stressed – always smiley and cheerful, always willing to fill in my diary. Lovely ladies xxx

“Thank you for all that you do, such a happy lovely time we have every Monday.”

“We look forward to Thursdays to meet you and all our friends.”

“They are always so friendly, helpful and welcoming.”

“They have a sense of humour and understanding which makes dealing with my dementia easier – for them and me!”

“They are so helpful, cheerful and give their time willingly.”

“The support they give us enables us to have a better life and enable us to meet other people with similar problems.”

“I am grateful to the volunteers because they greatly contribute to our environment and activities which makes my wife calm and comfortable. As her carer I am delighted to see her enjoy herself.”

“Thank you all for all the help and support every Monday. We always have a lovely time.”

Here's what members of Seend Music for the Mind said: 

“Always cheerful and welcoming and nothing is too much trouble.  They make sure we enjoy our outing and they help everyone to join in. ” 

“Music for the Mind could not run without our wonderful volunteers who are kind and very caring.  What would we do without them!”

 “They do a wonderful job with tea and sympathy, a shoulder to cry on at times and help and support during the meeting.” 

 “Pat and I would just like to say how good all the lady helpers and of course the men, are.  They make us all feel really welcome and we look forward to coming”    

“We love the amazing volunteers.  What would we do without you all — you make our afternoons so enjoyable  xxx”  

“They brighten our days, cheer us up, put a smile on our faces and make lives worth living.” 

“Thanks for the fun and laughter.”   

“They give their help without any thought of reward and really to help make people’s lives a lot easier. To sum up, there are no praises high enough that I can give.” 

Here's what members of our art groups said: 

“Thank you all for my happiest hour of the week!”  

“I never feel alone here — thank you everyone.”

“Thank you to all the friendly helpers.”  

“We wouldn’t be without any of you.” 

“Lovely cup of tea — just as I like it every week.”  

“The volunteers are fantastic.” 

“Thank you for everything you do.”

Here's what members of our Chippenham Music for the Mind and Memory Cafe said:

"The volunteers provide a very warm welcome. You instantly feel at home, even on your very first visit."

"We all look forward to Thursday, our meeting day, always pleased to see everyone."

"Very important to me to come to, for meeting people as it can be very lonely on your own and the volunteers are wonderful."

"Thursday morning is most enjoyable and mind stimulating. I do enjoy Thursday mornings and find it a useful time of friendship & activity."

"A very warm, life-affirming and essential experience – Thank you all so much!"

"All so welcoming and happy faces – nothing too much for them. Thank you so much."

"Always have a fabulous Thursday morning and such wonderful people supporting us all the time."

"It is such a lovely warm atmosphere – they are so kind and cheerful."

"They make you feel so welcome and at ease."

"Absolutely wonderful volunteers, helpful, cheerful chappies."

"Makes us feel wonderful, happy, cheerful, very welcoming."

"It’s the little touches that make a difference – like the flowers to take home."

"They make our Special Days!  They smile even if they are blue and their happiness in doing what they do shines out and embraces us.  And they, everyone, have become a real part of our life.  In a word – MAGIC!   XXX to all of them!"

Here's what our day club members said: 

“I enjoy their company.” 

“It wouldn’t be the same without them.”

“Everyone is so kind and I can just be myself with them."

“They make me feel special.”

“They keep us in order!

“Nothing is too much trouble.”

“Lovely to meet different people.”

“I love her to bits.”   

“He is my friend.”

“Makes my day perfect.”

“They give their time freely — not everyone would do that.

We also asked our staff:

“The role of the volunteers at the club is so integral and invaluable we really could not do our job without them, from running activities, washing up, cooking, repairs and generally anything we ask of them, nothing seems too much trouble.  Each volunteer brings their unique personality, skills and talents which enhances the day and we are lucky to have them.  Members, volunteers and staff are just one team at the club.” 

“We couldn’t do our job without them, they are an invaluable part of the team.”      

“Volunteers really help ensure everyone has individual attention, particularly the members who find it difficult in a group situation.”

“They save us money so we can spend it on other things.” 

“Knowledgeable about the local community so good for conversations.”

“Volunteers enable us to offer all the small group activities and without them we could not do this.”

“All marvellous and we couldn’t run the club nearly as successfully without them.

“Our volunteers are AMAZING — I could not do my job without them. Alzheimer’s Support would not be the charity it is without their wonderful support.”  

Could you volunteer for Alzheimer's Support?

You will definitely be appreciated!

To find out more contact Annie Clayton our dedicated volunteer coordinator on 01985 624005 or email Annie.

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