28th May 2021

Whether it's working with plants, landscaping projects or observing wildlife, everyone takes part at their own pace

A new pair of 'town' and 'country' Muddy Boots groups is opening in North Wiltshire in June. 

The groups, run by Alzheimer's Support, will give people living with dementia and a family carer the chance to keep active, take part in gardening projects and make friends while enjoying the great outdoors.

The first group meets in the Sensory Garden at John Coles Park in Chippenham on the second Wednesday of each month. The more rural group will meet at Adeline Farm, near Malmesbury, on the third Wednesday, when members will be able to get out into the polytunnels alongside farmer Ros Holland.

Group organiser Pam Ollis said: "Being out and about in the fresh air is good for anyone. 

"People living with dementia benefit so much from being in nature, getting to grips again with jobs that they may have done all their lives like weeding and sowing, and working alongside others.

Benefits for family carers

"Family carers are full members of the group and it's a great way to meet others in similar circumstances and strike up supportive friendships.

"Whether it is landscaping projects, working with plants or observing wildlife, everyone takes part at their own pace. We know that some pf our members will prefer to just be outdoors in the company of others, and that's fine too."

Alzheimer's Support also runs the outdoors groups in Salisbury and Avebury. 

More about Muddy Boots groups and how to come along