17th November 2020

A primary school pupil has discovered the joy of receiving mail thanks to Alzheimer’s Support’s day club in Trowbridge.

Pupils at Holbrook School had been regular visitors at the Mill Street Club until Covid restrictions came into force in March. To stay in touch they wrote letters to club members, describing their friends, hobbies and pets. They were delighted to receive replies and hand-made thank you cards.

Pupil Jack was particularly pleased with his card which he showed off to his mother Victoria at home.

Victoria said: “Alzheimer’s Support does wonderful work and I’m grateful to Mill Street club members for taking the time to make the cards so individually personal. Jack, and I’m sure the whole class, learned just how powerful the receiving of words can be.

The power of words

“We often tell children how lovely it is when they send a card or a letter to a loved one and more recently to your members. However, I think we sometimes forget to demonstrate that power in return. Today the task of writing a letter became so much more meaningful to Jack.”

Grant Newton, head of Alzheimer’s Support day care services said: “In an era of digital communication, it’s gratifying to know that the younger generation can still appreciate just how special written letters and cards can be.”

“Communicating through hand-written letters was the idea of our senior support worker Maggie Osmond and we’re really pleased that the youngsters enjoyed receiving the cards so much.”

A letter from Clementine