16th October 2020

Members of Mill Street club in Trowbridge were delighted to receive a batch of handwritten letters from children at Holbrook Primary School last week. 

The school has a long-established partnership with the club and the children and members are missing their regular visits. 

So children in Year 5 wrote to them. The letters told members all about the author and their families, gave updates on the school's animals and inquired after the club's dogs Dottie and Higby who are firm favourites with the children.

Head of day care at Alzheimer Support Grant Newton said: "We really value our connection with Holbrook, and with the other schools who have connected with our clubs in Devizes in Warminster. Of course they cannot visit at the moment so it is wonderful that they are keeping in touch in this way. The members are so interested in all their news, and Barry and Gary the guinea pigs have become quite famous in the club now.

Not forgotten

"It is so important for members to know that they are not forgotten, to stay connected with their communities and across the generations. Once again Holbrook pupils and their teachers have helped to make this happen.

"Everyone was so engaged reading or listening to the letters being read out."

Members wrote back to the children answering their questions and talking about pets they owned and the games they played when they were young themselves. They also sent thank you cards which they had made with coloured prints of autumn leaves.

Holbrook School teacher Gemma Bradshaw said: "We are missing our trips to Mill Street terribly. It is wonderful to see the letters so warmly received."