Young people are naturally very accepting of people living with dementia - perhaps because they too tend to live 'in the moment' and perhaps because they have fewer preconceptions about what dementia can mean.

Alzheimer's Support is working in partnership with Holbrook School in Trowbridge, where we have delivered age-appropriate Dementia Friends and Understanding Dementia sessions to more than 120 pupils to date. We have also arranged sessions for parents and staff, and Year 6 pupils played an active role in the launch of Dementia-Friendly Trowbridge. As well as help create the pledges board, they read out their own poem about dementia.

The school is following up the sessions with a series of visits to our nearby Mill Street day Club where children interact with club members, bringing much joy and stimulation.

Our fantastic link with Alzheimer’s Support has provided a unique opportunity for our children to see the impact of supporting their community and supporting a wonderful local charity. We are committed to becoming the first Dementia Friendly school in Trowbridge. The link has provided opportunities for children to visit the local Mill Street Club and spend time with members.

Rose Nunn, deputy headteacher.

Many other primary and secondary schools are also getting involved, including Newtown Primary School in Trowbridge which took part in the town's first dementia friendly carol service, and Devizes School, where 170 sixth-formers are now Dementia Friends. Our project workers have delivered whole school assemblies and run Dementia Friends sessions for parent groups as well as for staff and pupils.

The age-appropriate sessions have also been delivered at Brownie and Guide groups. To arrange an Understanding Dementia session for your school, college or youth group please call 01225 776481 or contact us