Joan was a very independent lady. She learned to drive a land rover ambulance as a young woman who had joined the civil defence force. She worked for the Police for many years before there were police women. She also raised two sons and was a wonderful mother.

Alzheimer's is a cruel disease and has robbed Joan of her independence. She can no longer leave the house unaccompanied.

She goes to The Old Silk Works Club run by Alzheimer's Support on a Wednesday. This is the highlight of her week. Once we have dropped her there she is all smiles as the fun starts before she enters the building. While there she can freely choose the activities she wishes to join in with giving her a feeling of independence once more.

This is a vital facility for the people who attend and the carers of those people. Knowing your loved one is in a safe and happy environment leaves you free to enjoy the day. We are taking part in A Walk to Remember to raise money for Alzheimer's Support so that this wonderful club can continue for the many people who need it.

Philip Ashby