Laura's Walk to Remember

Laura Unwin

I have always worked within the care environment, and have seen many cases of Alzheimer's, and how it affects people and their families. I have also worked with many fantastic people in the care industry, and seen how hard these people work to bring happiness into people's lives..

Lisa's fundraising page for Alzheimer's Support

Lisa Sampson

A Walk to Remember for Alzheimer's Support! I hope for sunshine as walking 12 miles in the rain would be a bit miserable!

Kathleen's Walk to Remember

Kathleen Unwin

I work with people living with dementia....such an underfunded group of individuals.

Claire's page

Claire Pressey

I am fundraising in memory of my dear Mum who died of Alzheimers on Easter day.

J-L and Ruby's Walk to Remember

Jamie Williams

To raise money and awareness for a very worthy charity.

Diana's Walk to Remember

Diana Drinkwater

To support our local charity Alzheimer's Support.

Judy's Walk to Remember 2017

Judy Penman

In memory of my late mother and to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer's and the wonderful work and support in our local community.

Rhiannon's Walk to Remember

Rhiannon Davies

I'm walking from Bradford on Avon to Devizes to help raise money for Alzheimer's. Any donations will be graciously received 😊 Xxx

Beth's fundraising page

Beth Le Cluse

Kim and Stacy's Walk to Remember

Kim Dolman

We are walking 12 miles along the Kennet and Avon canal to raise money for Alzheimer's Support!

Tony's Walk to Remember 2017

Anthony Whitney

My wife Donna and I were helped immensely by Alzheimer's Support during the middle stages of her dementia.

Lizzie's Walk to Remember

Lizzie Smith

Both my mum and dad have Alzheimer's disease which is so hard to cope with, for them, and for our family and friends. I want to help raise money to support families like us x

Nick and Ruthie's Walk to Remember

Ruth Tiley

We are walking to support this very worthy cause in memory of my dear Mum, Jean.

Head full of honey

Petra Tabaczynska

A charity close to our hearts for so many reasons. Some of us lost family members to Alzheimer's and others are closely involved in the care of elderly with various forms and stages of dementia and Alzheimer's. This is our way to remember the forgotten.

Steve's walk to remember.

Stephen Housby

I'm raising money to combat Alzheimer's. Please help if you can.

Diane, Phil, Bethany & Daniel's Walk to Remember

Diane Jackson

To raise awareness and money for Alzheimer's Support.

Walking to Remember my Mum

bindi gauntlett

Walking the Kennet and Avon Canal

Stephen's Walk to Remember Appeal

Stephen Lockley

The more I talk to family, friends and colleagues they all know someone that has dementia. Thanks in advance for any money you can donate. Stephen

Kath's Memory Walk 2017

Kath Goodsir

Support for a wonderful dementia charity to provide day care services.

Carole's Walk to Remember

Carole Quirke

My husband Barry has Alzheimer's and I am walking for Alzheimer's Support to say 'Thank You' for all their support

Alice's A Walk To Remember

Alice Matthews

My great granny had dementia and we want to raise money to help other families like ours.

Sophy's Walk to Remember

Sophy Williams

The splendid choir I sing with are hoping to raise funds for Alzheimer's Support .

Dennis and Callum's big challenge

Rachel Edmunds

Dennis and Callum have decided they would like to try to raise money for this very worthwhile cause which is close to our hearts.

Isabelle's Big Birthday Walk for Alzheimer's Support

Laura Grant

To mark Isabelle's tenth birthday we will be spending the day walking 12 miles for Alzheimer's Support.