Last year we told our story of the start of Jon’s journey following his diagnosis of early onset dementia when we embarked on our fundraising walk around Bowood House. We were delighted to raise much needed funds, along with two of our close friends, for Alzheimer's Support Wiltshire, in particular The Old Silk Works Day Club in Warminster

One year on from our Bowood Walk, Jon and I continue to adapt to the daily challenges of dementia. Jon now attends the Old Silk Works Day Club, twice weekly and always looks forward to his visits.

It is here he can just be himself, forget his diagnosis and do what he feels like doing, whether that is joining in the activities or just sitting in his favourite chair, doodling in his sketch book or sharing his wicked sense of humour and (very poor) jokes with everyone!

The staff and volunteers are absolutely incredible and ensure they offer a fun and safe environment for everyone.

To say thank you we would like to do some more fundraising for this wonderful charity.

I say we but actually it is just me, Elaine, who has signed up for a Skydive at Old Sarum on 6th October, I must be crazy.

I really don’t like heights but the thought of this is quite thrilling and I felt I needed to do something out of my comfort zone. I hope I can rely on you all once again to offer your support and encouragement by donating as little or as much as you can.

Thank you, the countdown begin…..eeeeek

Elaine & Jon Shobbrook