19th August 2021
When Old Silk Works support worker Alex Kesby got married, she wanted everyone at the day club in Warminster to be as involved as possible.
Club members had a sneak preview of the dress, made their own wedding hats and 'gave her away' with a bit of a do on the eve of her wedding to Elliott.
Then on the day, the club in Warminster became a cinema for the afternoon. Club members, staff, volunteers and special guests watched the couple exchange their vows as a live stream of the ceremony was beamed in from the wedding venue near Salisbury.
Club manager Lou Gover said: "We wanted to give Alex a great send off before the wedding and it was amazing to be able to see the ceremony. The tech worked fine until just at the end but we saw all the main moments and it was fantastic to be part of it.
"Members got a sneak preview of the dress and we had the honorary 'fathers' and 'mothers' of the bride having their photos taken. Then we gave her a send off including a 'first dance' and on the day itself we toasted the couple with fizzy and pavlova and wore our hats to watch the wedding on the live stream. 
"Everyone wanted to give their congratulations and it was lovely for the members to be a part of Alex's special day."