6th July, 2020

For our 80-year-old support worker, Tony Marsh, doing a 10,000 ft parachute jump for us has been a dream nearly 40 years in the making.
In fact, he will be just a few days shy of his 81st birthday when he does the jump on September 25 at Old Sarum Airfield.
Tony says: “I had planned to do a parachute jump back in 1981 when I was in Cyprus in the Army, but it was cancelled because of the Falklands War. So when I heard I could do one for Alzheimer’s Support I thought ‘That’s something I can tick off my bucket list’ and I really want to give something back.”

Not worried

Tony's not remotely worried about the jump. He says: “I’m a healthy 80, I’ve got two arms and two legs. I’ll be fine. I’ll prepare for it by drinking a lot of wine and once I’m up there, I’ll just tell them to just push me out of the plane."
Having initially set a fundraising target of £600, Tony’s delighted to have raised over £1,000 and hopes to get even more in the run-up to the big day.
You’re an absolute star and a legend, Tony, and brave as a lion. Thank you so much!
Sponsor Tony
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