10th July 2020 

Higby and Dottie, Alzheimer’s Support’s much-loved therapy dogs have been out on tour, visiting day club members in their own homes and gardens.

The visits were arranged under the direction of families and hand cleansing and social distancing guidelines were strictly followed throughout.The dogs were greeted with lots of smiles, laughter, petting and ball throwing.

Grant Newton, head of day care, said: "Everyone was so welcoming and witnessing these simple meetings with Higby and Dottie and the joy it brought to our club members was a privilege and very moving. I also found it heart-breaking at times as the social isolation people are experiencing is so damaging.

“I got asked at every visit ‘when will the day clubs open’ which I sadly couldn’t answer. Not yet.

“But I hope we can – safely and soon and Higby and Dottie will be there waiting.”