23rd April 2020

When keen knitters Muriel and Ray ran low on wool during lockdown, the Alzheimer’s Support community in Wiltshire swung into action. Thanks to their generosity the couple soon had much more than they needed and are now looking to give away their surplus.

Alzheimer’s Support’s Care coordinator Sarah Tyler said: “I put a SOS wool post on Facebook, two friends messaged me straight back and I dropped off around 30 balls at Ray and Muriel’s five hours later. They were thrilled.” Since then, other Alzheimer’s Support staff have chipped in even more wool. Ray is now knitting an orange jumper for their support worker Tracy, while Muriel is making blankets for people in wheelchairs.

Ray said: “Muriel went off knitting a bit because of the Alzheimer’s and can’t follow a pattern now, but she still enjoys it.” The couple have tackled lots of projects over the years, including tiny bobble hats for premature babies born at Bath’s Royal United Hospital. They even take their knitting on holiday with them and have found that with dementia it has helped Muriel to have something to keep her hands busy.

50 years of knitting

Ray learned to knit more than 50 years ago when his first wife put a pair of needles into his hands. “I knitted for the three kiddies we had together and thoroughly enjoy it.” 

He and Muriel married more than 20 years ago after he was widowed and have knitted throughout their lives together.

“It’s really relaxing and I’m so grateful to Alzheimer's Support and everyone for helping us to keep going through lockdown.”