7th September 2019

Working with people living with dementia in Wiltshire, we see at first hand the amazing effects of music and shared musical memories. To raise awareness of the power of music, Alzheimer's Support is launching #SharingMySong in the run-up to BBC Music Day. 

How it works

We're asking everyone to think of a song that connects them with a dear person, to record a short video of themselves singing it and to post the clip on social media. We're asking them to tag the person the song is for (if possible) and to challenge up to three more friends to do the same.

Get involved!

We are a relatively small charity and so for this to have an impact we need as many people as possible to get involved. So whether you sing in a choir or just in the bath please put aside your inhibitions, think of a tune that you share with another, and join in to spread the word about the power of music. 

You really don't need to be a good singer to take part - the sentiment is more important than the quality of the singing! The idea is for a light-hearted, but heart-felt, campaign. (And if you really don't want to make your own video, a link to YouTube will do!)

Facebook suggested wording

I have recorded myself singing a song that connects me with a dear person. I know when they hear this, they [or insert name] will think of me.   To remind us how significant shared musical memories are to all of us, Alzheimer’s Support is challenging everyone to sing a song for a person they share a musical memory with and post a recording of it.  Hearing the songs takes us back to a different time and place, hopefully a happy one.

I nominate: [up to 3 names] – do your worst!! #BBCMusicDay #SharingMySong

Twitter suggested wording

I'm #SharingMySong for .....  To remind us how significant musical memories are @AlzheimersSupp challenges you to sing a song for a dear person you share a musical memory with. @... could you do the same? #BBCMusicDay #dementia

We'll be starting on Monday 16th September - look forward to seeing your songs!

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