8th July 2021

Friends of Andrea Staniforth (formerly Pearce) have vowed to raise as much money as they can in her memory.

Andrea, who volunteered and worked for Alzheimer's Support before moving away from Wiltshire, died very recently just a few months after learning she had terminal lung cancer. 

During her illness she got in touch with the charity, and with many friends, to tell them of her desire to carry on fundraising in the time she had left, and to ask them to do whatever they could to continue her efforts.

Her close friend Sally Boyle said: "Last time I saw Andrea she was writing a speech to make at our first fundraising event in Trowbridge. She was so keen for it to happen. When she first got in touch to tell me the shocking news about her illness she said then that she would like us to raise as much money as possible for Alzheimer's Support. It was so dear to her heart after her mother had died of dementia and she was so involved in everything the charity did. 

"She would definitely want us to go ahead with this and we will and we will do her proud."


Andrea first got involved with Alzheimer's Support when the charity was campaigning to improve dementia diagnosis times. She had had to fight to get her mother diagnosed and wanted others to not go through the same difficulties and frustrations. She became a Memory Awareness Volunteer, giving talks about dementia across West Wiltshire and helping people understand more about the early stages of dementia and how to find help. She also helped out with fundraising; as a talented cake maker and decorator she frequently turned up to events with amazing creations - including cakes decorated with the charity's logo.

She was passionate about the arts and worked backstage in many productions. In 2015 she organised her theatrical contacts to produce a Calendar Girls-style calendar with a Second World War theme and accompanying CD of 1940s music. Both were hits and raised vital funds for dementia services in Wiltshire. 

Alzheimer's Support CEO Babs Harris said: "Our hearts go out to Andrea's family and her many friends in Wiltshire and beyond. She was an incredibly talented lady with a huge heart. She brightened the lives of so many people and did so much for our charity. We were so saddened to learn of her illness and overwhelmed by her reaction and determination to carry on." 

Events in Andrea's memory

Sally, a founder and director of Starry Eyes Talent Show Production company is arranging a series of events over the summer featuring theatre, dance and music, to bring the community together to remember Andrea. Events planned so far include:

Performances at the bandstand on the 7th and 21st of August and 11th September at Trowbridge Park.

Showing of the 2016 film Secret Spitfires introduced by its star Norman Parker at Trowbridge Town Hall on the 25th September.

16th to 18th September: Shirley Valentine by the Athenaeum Limelight Players, Warminster Tickets

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