12th September 2022

For Old Silk Works member Marjorie, turning 100 last week was a truly significant milestone, for she was one of the very last people in the country to receive birthday greetings from Queen Elizabeth. She reached her centenary the day before Her Majesty passed away and her congratulatory message and card will be all the more treasured.

Marjorie celebrated her birthday in Old Silk Work club in Warminster, telling staff and fellow members that the secret to long life is keeping busy. As well as raising three sons, she’s always stayed active. “I used to work hard chopping down trees in the war and I reckon I could still climb a tree now. My parents were aghast when I told them that was my job. They said that women don’t cut down trees! But I did, and I was quicker at getting up them than the men.”

Old Silk Works manager Louise Gover said: “Celebrating Marjorie’s special birthday and seeing her card was a wonderful way to focus on happy memories of Her Majesty the Queen. We have been talking about the Queen all week in the club and sharing memories of past royal occasions. The Queen has meant a lot to many of our club members over the years and it is lovely to have the chance to reflect together.”

Happy birthday, Marjorie!

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