18th May 2020

Member of Alzheimer's Support's art groups in Wiltshire are keeping connected with fortnightly packs of materials and ideas to inspire art projects at home.

The themed packs include ideas for projects to do at home and include all materials, from ideas templates and photographs of relevant artworks, to paints, paper and brushes. 

Head of Community Services Sarah Marriott said: "The packs were started as a way of us trying to keep connected with the members of our art groups, so that we were still delivering this service as much as we could. It was also a way of  linking with our members that don’t have technology.  It has now been sent out to clients from other services too, including our home support clients and day club members.

"We hope that it’s a fun and interesting set of art projects for people to do together at home. There are a range of activities, so something for all abilities."

The most recent pack has a spring theme and is all about birds and flowers. There are projects based on Cezanne's Blue Vase and on the colourful spirals in the work of the featured artist, Hunderwasser. The pack includes step by step guides to creating work based on these artists, as well as projects inspired by flowers in the work of Frida Kahlo. Then there are guides to paper tearing and making paper flowers, an artist wordsearch and even a quiz. 

Everyone taking part is being encouraged to keep their own art diary, where they can record things they have seen and done that they can use as the basis for a project. 

Sarah said: "If someone goes for a walk, they could bring back a flower to press, and then use that as the basis for a card or piece of art. They might be able to talk about where they found it and why they liked it."

Creating together online

Alzheimer's Support is also due to start online art tutorial sessions for those group members who have the technology for this.

One of the charity's regular artists Fran will be doing watercolours painting for the first one on 5th June.

Sarah said: "We know that not all members are online, but this is a solution to the problem of how can we still deliver art and will work for some. It has also attracted members of other groups too, who maybe haven’t been to an art group of ours so it is allowing people to try new things, which is good.

"We will send out a different pack to those who request to join this group, specific to the session, with the templates that we will be completing, artist paper, and if necessary paints and paintbrushes."

The packs and online sessions are all priced at £3, to help cover the costs of materials.

Order an art pack

Email Sarah for more information.