14th October 2021

Families and professionals have praised Alzheimer’s Support’s Home Support Service in an Care Quality Commission (CQC) monitoring review last month.

The care watchdog decided it did not need to mount a full inspection of the service after obtaining positive feedback in aroutine monitoring review in September.

The review said: “All the 18 people and relatives we spoke with had nothing but praise for the service. They expressed gratitude for the service which they said is “First class” and “Like gold”.

The CQC asked people if they trusted the workers who came into their homes, if they felt people would respond well in an emergency, if staff were ever late, how good communication was and if they had been involved in drawing up their own care plans. Here are just some of the responses — our thanks to everyone involved. 

What they said

The staff provides a gentle introduction to having support...the staff build such therapeutic relationships.
It is very clever how they come up with ways to keep people stimulated. The diverse ways they think of is phenomenal.
It's a wonderful service. Long may it reign.

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