November 23 2018

Gardening is a hobby that unites so many and we are pleased to be bringing people together to chat about plants and gardens in a network of Gardening Cafes to open across Wiltshire in 2018.

Our five Gardening Cafes will meet once a month so that people who live with dementia and their carers can meet up to discuss gardening tips and techniques. Group members will also be able to enjoy refreshments and cake in some of Wiltshire's most welcoming garden centres. 

Each group will be organised by a facilitator from Alzheimer's Support, with gardening experts to provide support, know-how and activities to suit the group. 

The first cafe is now underway in Malmesbury, with a Wilton, Salisbury group to start on January 8. More will follow in Burbage, Crockerton and other venues during 2018.