14th February 2023
'My name is Jacqui...'
When Jacqui Sleeman was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 64, she already had a rich life of  adventure life behind her.
Now her husband Paul has pulled together the milestones and highlights of her life so far in a 'life story book' that she can look at whenever she likes. 
The book records Jacqui's early years growing up with her parents and sisters in Bristol and working as a young scientist before moving to Scotland to renovate a derelict cottage which became their home for many years.
There are pages of photos from Jacqui's time as a sailing instructor and St John ambulance leader - and from holidays with husky dogs in the frozen North. 
Jacqui's full and active life changed when she was diagnosed with dementia at the early age of 64.
The couple moved to Wiltshire and were glad to discover Alzheimer's Support, and in particular home support worker Layla Shanley. She developed a strong bond with Jacqui and the pair spend their time together exploring the Wiltshire countryside, walking, canoeing, and, in the winter months, visiting local museums and places of interest.
Layla said: "I'm in the book too and feel very honoured to be part of this. Jacqui and I have some great adventures together and she really wears me out sometime as she is much more fit than I am."
"As her memory becomes less reliable, this book is sure to become all the more precious to Jacqui and those closest to her."