February 15, 2022

A Song for Mill Street, composed by musician Tamsin Quin in collaboration with the club, has received an enthusiastic reception from members.

The club is one of three community groups chosen to work on Visible Voices, Wiltshire Rural Music's latest project to capture the stories of diverse communities in song. 

Grant Newton, Alzheimer’s Support’s head of day care services said: “Tamsin’s wonderful song captures the inclusive and optimistic spirit of the club perfectly. She received a rousing cheer from members when she played it for them and it will no doubt be sung often at Mill Street. We are so pleased to be part of this project.

Tamsin, of Wiltshire Rural Music, had visited the club regularly to get to know members, play music and help work their ideas into a melody.  The result is an upbeat anthem which focuses on members’ life experiences and enthusiasm for the club.

Tamsin said: “When Wiltshire Rural Music asked me to write a song with the club, I jumped at the chance because my grandparents lived with dementia.

Music is a big part of Mill Street club

“It would have been easy to be more sombre and thoughtful with the song, but I wanted it to be an anthem that everyone could sing along to because music is such a big part of the club. I also wanted it to be fun because that’s what Mill Street is all about.

“When I asked members to give me some words they associated with the club I was expecting ‘friendship’, ‘laughter’ and ‘fun’, but others were surprising. For example, club member Eve said: ‘We sound like a load of old drunks when we sing’ which I thought was lovely, so I included it.

“And Grant, the day care manager, said to me: ‘We don’t just sit around with blankets on our laps, you know, we do have a lot of fun’ which I thought was brilliant.

“I love everyone in the club, they’re such fun and full of cheekiness and spirit. It’s obvious they care about each other a lot.”

Grant Newton said: “We value our links with Wiltshire Rural Trust who often come into our clubs to share their music. Even when we couldn’t have visitors during the pandemic they came up with innovative ways to beam live music into the clubs remotely and the joy that created for our members who live with dementia was wonderful to see.”

Click below to hear the song

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