25th April 2022
Jean, a member at Old Silk Works Club, often talks fondly of her time as a nurse in Bath in the 1950s.

She particularly enjoys recounting stories about how she loved living at the nurses' home, a grand historic house that is now the Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel.

So club manager Louise Gover and senior support worker Lesley Smith decided to give her a day out visiting her old haunts.

They collected Jean from her home in Warminster on Sunday and, in their own time, drove her to Bath for a day of reminiscence and fun. The trio were welcomed like VIPs at the hotel where they received a tour of the building and complimentary tea. Jean was particularly pleased to have tea in a room that was out of bounds in her day as it was reserved for 'senior staff only'. 

Next stop was the Royal United Hospital on the other side of the city where talked to an off-duty doctor about her time as a night nurse. 

And her perfect day was rounded off with a spot of shopping in the city centre where Jean bought a new dress and the three of them had fun trying on hats and sunglasses.

Louise, who manages the day club in Warminster said: "It was such a pleasure to spend the day with an amazing lady. We all had a brilliant time. Jean was fantastic company and it was wonderful to see her so animated and happy. She said: 'I'm back' when we first got to the hotel and loved seeing around it and seeing how it had changed. It was amazing how they welcomed us. 

"We always do as much as we can in the club to help our members connect with their past lives and to keep their memories alive - this was just part of that."


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