29 September 2021

Movement for the Mind coach Henrietta McKinnon will run the London Marathon for Alzheimer’s Support on October 3rd, and has raised nearly £500 so far.

The fitness instructor says she hopes every step she takes “will help to jog a memory,” adding “Many of us know friends or family who have been affected by dementia and fundraising for the charity is particularly important this year after the pandemic and lockdown.

Movement for the Mind is incredibly beneficial 

Henrietta has taken part in three marathons for Alzheimer’s Support in the past, including two back-to-back events on consecutive days. She said: “I am a keen runner but the training definitely gets harder, especially as I have now entered my fifth decade.”

“I know how much Alzheimer’s Support’s community groups are valued by members and Movement for the Mind is incredibly beneficial. The physical exercise, even when seated is very helpful, but it is the camaraderie among the group that really lifts everyone’s spirits.”

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