12th May 2023

People living with dementia in Wiltshire, and their families, are being invited to take part in developing the county’s new dementia strategy.

The existing strategy expired in 2021 and Wiltshire Council and NHS and local partners are developing a new plan about what people can expect when they are affected by any type of dementia. They are working with providers including Alzheimer's Support to ensure the views of people directly affected by dementia are included. 

People will be asked what they think about current services, what is working well and is helpful - and what could be improved. People can talk about their experience of living with dementia or supporting someone in Wiltshire, the difficulties they have experienced and make suggestions for how things can be improved.

The survey questions are very broad, so those taking part can talk about anything from getting a diagnosis, to the support they receive from their GP, and how easy or hard it is to find information and advice. They can talk about the support they receive in their communities and how they feel dementia is perceived by others. 

What people we be asked

There are three questions people taking part will be asked. They are:

  • What is it like to live in Wiltshire?
  • What works - what are the positives that help you to live in Wiltshire with dementia?
  • What doesn't work - what are the things that create barriers to living with dementia in Wiltshire?

Alzheimer's Support CEO Sarah Marriott said: "Thank you in advance to everyone who gets involved. People living with dementia and their families are the experts in this. They know more than anyone about what works well and where Wiltshire needs to improve, so it is very important that their views are heard and acted on.

"Even if you have difficulty expressing your thoughts on paper or verbally please get in touch on the number below, or talk you your usual dementia adviser or other member of staff, and we will support you to be included."

To take part you can call us on 01380 739055 to speak to a member of staff.

Or, if you prefer, download the three questions to print out and fill in at home, then return the form by email.

Download the questions