A 'roadmap' of dementia support in Wiltshire

Alzheimer's Support has joined forces with  Alzheimer’s Society, AgeUk Wiltshire, Healthwatch Wiltshire and Wiltshire Council to develop a roadmap of the support that is available in the county.

The map is now with designers and will be available later this year as an online graphic through Wiltshire Council's YourCareYourSupport website. It will include informal, very local support as well as specialist and clinical support.

The project started by listening to people living with dementia, their families and to the county's nine dementia advisers to find out what information people want and what services they ask for after a diagnosis of dementia.

Questions included wanting to know more about their type of dementia, what to expect from their GP, and advice on finding meaningful activity groups or respite care. There were also questions about practical support like ‘where can I find a mobile hairdresser’, ‘how can I get around if I have to give up driving’, or about help with care such as ‘who can families contact if there is a problem at night?’

The project team is now working with organisations, small businesses and individuals across Wiltshire to find answers to the questions raised and highlight any gaps in services.

Put yourself on the map

The map is designed to include very local information alongside specialist services and the medical pathway. Are you a volunteer driver? Do you pop into your neighbours just to see if they’re ok? Do you walk a friend’s dog? Do you run a small business such a mobile hairdresser that goes the extra mile to support customers with special needs?

If you are one of those unsung heroes of our communities, please step forward and let us know. Anyone who helps out informally, or who runs a group or business that might be helpful for people living with dementia, is invited to be included. The roadmap aims to recognise all the very local support that is outside the officially provided services.

For more information or to get your contribution on the map please email [email protected]