8th July 2020

Wiltshire’s own dementia roadmap and online support village have been updated to support people who are reluctant or unable to leave home because of the coronavirus.

Alzheimer’s Support, which launched the ‘virtual dementia adviser’ last year, says the tool is more useful than ever.

The charity has seen referrals drop by two-thirds during lockdown, as people were not able to go to GP surgeries and memory services have been reduced.

The roadmap offers a step-by-step guide to the diagnosis process in Wiltshire, lots of good advice and a symptoms checker that people can use while waiting to see a GP or memory specialist.

Chief executive Babs Harris said: “Referrals have dropped by 66 per cent between March and the end of May, but we know there will be many people out there who do need support and advice.

Ideas and resources for dementia support

“The Wiltshire dementia roadmap guides people through the process step by step and the support village includes a host of local resources and ideas of where to find all kinds of support from legal services to care to help in the home. It is a great place to start if you are online and not sure where to find help.”

People do not need a formal diagnosis to be helped by Alzheimer’s Support.

To talk to a dementia adviser call 01225 776481.