November 11th 2019 

Members of Alzheimer's Support day clubs are reconnecting with favourite hobbies as groups of like-minded members come together.

Camera enthusiasts at Mill Street Club in Trowbridge are rediscovering their love of photography with a little help for Head of Day Care (and keen photographer) Grant Newton.

Clive, Mike and Len have all pursued their hobby into the digital era and sometimes now struggle with the complicated technology associated with high-end cameras.

At the first session of the 'club within a club' everyone brought in their cameras and lenses and Grant helped to get all the equipment functioning again. 

He said: "It was a great and very 'blokey' session, with much discussion of F-stops, shutter speeds and the merits of Canon over Nikon over Pentax and the like."

The same trio are now taking part in regular photo sessions with professional-style lighting, producing still-life pictures and portraits of Dottie, the every patient therapy whippet. 

Meanwhile, the Old Silk Works sewing club meets regularly for club members with an interest in sewing.

The sessions are the brainchild of Support Worker Lesley who brought in her own machines, including a complicated overlocker, for members to use to create projects of their own or work together. 

Skills are still there

One club member Kathleen has become so keen on her sewing she has decided to replace all her cushion covers at home and is almost down to work as soon as she gets through the door on her club day.

Head of Day Care Grant Newton said: "We do everything we can to bring normal activities into the club and to help members connect with activities they have enjoyed in the past. It is wonderful to see people enjoying the things that have brought them pleasure throughout their lives and realising that these skills are still there."


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