March 21 2019

Wiltshire Community Foundation has awarded £5,000 to help set up Alzheimer's Support's new Wildlife Club. 

The club, at Bemerton Heath near Salisbury will be run in partnership with social enterprise Forager's Farm.  It will give people living with dementia and a family carer the opportunity to interact with the natural environment and take part in practical gardening and landscaping projects. 

Sarah Marriott, Head of Community Services at Alzheimer's Support said: "We are so grateful for this grant which will help to get the first groups up and running. We know how beneficial outdoor groups like this are for people living with dementia. No experience is needed to take part, although it will be particularly beneficial to people who have enjoyed outdoor work and gardening in the past. Everyone can work at their own pace and will be supported by trained volunteers. "

The first group will meet on Monday mornings twice a month in the community garden at St Michael's Church, Bemerton Heath near Salisbury. More groups will follow, subject to fundraising. 

The funding was a slice of almost £96,000 given to a variety of groups across Wiltshire from the community foundation’s twice yearly foundation grants.

Wiltshire Community Foundation chief executive Rosemary Macdonald said: “I am delighted that this money will support such a wide range of groups who provide vital services for their communities. This is what we do best, identify where the need is and then provide the funding to help tackle it.”

A taster day for the Bemerton Heath Wildlife Club will be on 15th April. Contact Sarah on 01380 739055 to find out more or email Sarah. 

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