October 2016

Alzheimer's Support is in the running for up to £25,000 from the Aviva Community Fund, which will go towards our commuity groups including Singing for the Brain, Movement for the Mind, Art Groups, Wildlife Club, Experiential discussion groups and cafes. 

But we need your help to secure the funds. Please vote for us here 

300 helped each month

When initially diagnosed, people with dementia and their family carers often withdraw from their normal social activities and quickly slip into isolation - this is particularly true in our very rural community in Wiltshire. This can be attributed to a devastating loss of confidence, communication problems, loss of orientation skills, withdrawal of driving license, poor community transport links and lack of funds.

Our groups aim to lessen this isolation, giving opportunities for interaction and social engagement, building supportive friendships, restoring confidence, and helping to retain skills.

More than 300 people use our community groups each month. Vote to help them continue to benefit throughout 2017.