30th December 2022

For Old Silk Works members, there was a delightful surprise in the post on the final day of the club year. A letter arrived from Buckingham Palace from the King!

Club members had written to King Charles expressing their condolences on the death of the Queen, and were touched to receive a card of appreciation from Buckingham Palace. King Charles described their messages as generous and said they had brought enormous comfort to him after the death of his beloved mother. 

Day club manger, Lou Gover, said "We were so excited as soon as we saw the King's crest and Buckingham Palace stamp on the envelope. The members were delighted that His Majesty had taken the time to respond to our messages."

The Queen had been a constant presence in the lives of the club members throughout the decades so to receive a response to their messages of condolences was a wonderful surprise and the card will certainly be treasured in the club.


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