press release - 16th January 2020

Wiltshire charity Alzheimer' Support is marking 30 years supporting families affected by dementia in Wiltshire.  

The charity started in a tiny office in Trowbridge in 1990, with just one employee. Anna Littlechild (pictured right) went on to become the organisation's first chief executive and to lead Alzheimer's Support for 25 years.

In 2017, under new CEO Babs Harris, Alzheimer's Support expanded to bring its services to  the whole of Wiltshire.

Today the charity supports more than 2,000 people with specialist dementia advisers and award-winning practical services including day clubs, home support and more than 40 community groups. It employs 162 people and more than 160 give their time as volunteers. 

But anyone involved in dementia care knows there is still much to do.

Babs said: "I am immensely proud of this organisation and what we have achieved together in Wiltshire.

"When Anna started Alzheimer's Support began there were no specialist services in the community for people living with dementia. Even a decade ago people affected were too often kept in the shadows, not welcomed in their communities and not given a proper diagnosis. Things have improved a great deal since then as we are proud to have been at the forefront of change here in Wiltshire.  

Needed more than ever

"We'd love to be able to shut up shop after 30 years but the reality is we are needed more than ever. There is still no cure or effective treatment in sight, and even here in Wiltshire there is still inconsistency in the way people are diagnosed and referred on."

"We know there is more to be done to ensure people living with dementia and their families get the support and care they deserve and we are committed to doing this in the years to come."

Get involved

Alzheimer's Support relies on fundraising to keep services running. You can support us by making a donation, taking part in our Walk to Remember in September, or, if you are up for a real adrenalin-rush of a challenge, joining our 30 Skydives Challenge 

There are many other ways to help us continue to support people with dementia in Wiltshire

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