Family and friends often wish to give money in memory of a loved one and this is particularly true at the time of a funeral or memorial service.

  • Families often ask for a donation in lieu of flowers, and we are always grateful for this

  • We can provide you with donation envelopes and a collection box to put out. This is a sensitive way for people to show much they care and means so much to us

  • You can ask family and friends to make a donation here on our website. This is especially useful when people may not be able to gather together in person 

  • You can ask your funeral director to ensure donations are sent to Alzheimer's Support Wiltshire

  • You can set up an Alzheimer's Support Tribute Fund which is a positive and lasting way of donating and sharing memories. In these difficult days when people are unable to attend a funeral or thanksgiving service it offers an online space to celebrate a life, share memories, thoughts and reminiscences about your loved one

For support with donations in memory please don't hesitate to contact Laura Crouch on 01225 776481 or email Laura