I am scaring myself death to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's Support which supported my father enormously for 10 years when he was alive and also supported my Mum as a carer.

My Mum now has dementia and I and my brother are her carers. I have received a lot of support from the staff at AS, as it's tough looking after a loved one with this terrible disease. I have been funded to go on invaluable Carer's Courses, Mum has a befriender who takes her out every week and Mum attends Movement for the Mind and Music for the Mind also.

Memory cafes and Carers get-togethers are funded and lots of invaluable information and guidance is on hand by the fabulous Coordinators.

Without fundraising this charity could not exist so I'm skydiving with a 4000m freefall!

Go Hard or Go Home, that's what I say.

Going Home isn't an option.