My name is David Josey, and on Friday 6th October 2017 I will head to Cirencester and be strapped to the wings of a plane. I've witnessed the amazing work of Alzheimer's Support for a while now, and love their approach to ensuring people live well with dementia, and that we work to end isolation and loneliness. They have a really clever approach to ensuring people from all backgrounds are treated as individuals, that carers are equally empowered to carry out their roles, that communities and businesses become dementia friendly, and that we work with health professionals and agencies to make massive changes to how dementia is dealt with in our county and our neighbourhoods.

My biggest fear is being hit in the face by a pigeon, not being strapped in well enough and having to hang on, or being clumsy and tripping up into the propeller at the start!

I hope this event raises awareness of the issue of the need for dementia support services in Wiltshire, can start some discussions about dementia between people, and also through being sponsored I'll feel less alone up there!

David Josey