Our family was hugely affected by dementia as both my mum and dad, Shelagh and Tony, had Alzheimer’s disease.
Their disease progression was swift which caused much heartache along with practical considerations for me and my two brothers. They lived in Dorset and we would all have definitely benefited from the type of support provided by Alzheimer’s Support.
This is why I am choosing to raise funds for this local charity with a 10,000ft tandem skydive on 12th September.
I am jumping with Rachel, my school friend, we promised each other that we would do this when we reached 60 years old !! So, here we go 😌
I know from experience how much families appreciate the help for their loved ones- enabling the whole family to have a better quality of life.
Dementia can be devastating for a family without practical and emotional support.
PLEASE sponsor me for my Skydive so that more families can have this amazing support !!
THANK YOU 🙏 🪂 Lizzie Smith