Jacky and I are in our early sixties now and are profoundly grateful that we are still fit and active and still able to challenge ourselves.

My mother, Jean, lived with dementia, so we have personal experience of this devastating disease and the profound effects on family and friends. We have taken on a challenge each year for the Alzheimer's Society, including a 100km walk around the Isle of Wight and, last year, a double marathon across the Sahara Desert.  

This year are fundraising for Alzheimer's Support Wiltshire in recognition of the wonderful work they do to support patients and families affected by this disease.

This year is the scariest yet: Kilimanjaro!


...because its there! The world's highest free-standing mountain, nearly 20,000 feet.  That's five and a half times higher than Snowdon.

Standing on the highest point of Africa watching the sunrise illuminating the glaciers and the plains below, has to be a truly awesome experience.

As a charity challenge we always feel we should take on something tough, and this one - climbing and camping on this incredible mountain with the additional challenges of low oxygen, altitude sickness and extreme cold certainly fits the bill. Jacky has been asthmatic all her life and Ian has suffered from altitude sickness at 4000m on previous trips.

Ian training in ExmoorHow is the training going?

Around busy work schedules, we have been making the most of the hills around Bratton, with short trips to Dorset and Exmoor, cycling, canoeing and pilates.

To 'rest our legs' the weekend before the climb, we are taking part in the charity Thames Regatta and hope to paddle our canoe from Putney to Greenwich.

Then we will be heading to Tanzania to tackle Kilimanjaro from Monday 7th October, hoping to reach the summit on Sunday 13th.

Please support us and this wonderful charity!

Ian Macqueen