Why would any remotely sane individual (or even me?) voluntarily jump out of a perfect serviceable aircraft at c.10,000 ft?

In my case, it's in aid of Alzheimer's Support, the local (Wiltshire) dementia charity that has been doing a fantastic job in supporting my Mum who has advanced Alzheimer's. Mum thoroughly enjoys her weekly days out at our local Day Club where she is embraced with love the moment she steps over the threshold. And it's not just she who benefits: the 6 hrs she spends there are also the only break my elderly Father gets from his exhausting weekly routine as her main carer.

Alzheimer's Support helps 2,500+ people a year via a series of programmes that run across Wiltshire which puts at least one of their services within 5 miles of anyone, anywhere in the County. Full disclosure: I also work for Alzheimer's Support but any money I raise from this jump will be ring-fenced for our frontline services, like the Day Clubs, so any donations will go directly to helping local people like Mum across Wiltshire who are living with dementia and their carers.

So, if you feel moved to support his fantastic organisation or you simply hope that JR will "Go Splat" in the process, please make a donation towards my target and get me onto that plane on the 10th September - just me and a dozen square metres of ultra-thin fabric verses 10,000 ft of yawning void and a fundamental Law of Nature - what could possibly go wrong...?

Julian Roberts