Alzheimer's is one of the most cruel diseases which effects so many people. Not only is it devastating for the person affected as it takes away their precious memories and from remembering who their loved ones are. Also it takes away the wonderful person the family and loved ones cherish. Alzheimer's took my beautiful Nan so I am doing this Skydive in her memory and to help raise awareness of this awful disease and to raise as much money to help research for a future cure. Please donate whatever you can afford. I thank everyone who helps me to achieve my goal.

On Sunday 7th May, I will be taking on a 15,000ft skydive in memory of my Nan and to raise money for this important cause. I will literally fall through the air and rush towards the earth at about 125 mph, freefalling for a whole 60 seconds, before the parachute opens.

By supporting me and donating to Alzheimer's Support it helps provide vital services that offer companionship, advice and support for people who have been diagnosed. Alzheimer's Support have been supporting people affected with dementia and family carers in Wiltshire for 30 years. Every year Alzheimer’s Support need to raise £300,000 to keep their award-winning services running - and I want to help make this happen! Quickmove Properties