We are exceptionally proud of the relationship that Holbrook has with the charity and its mission to improve quality of life of families affected by dementia in Wiltshire.

As it is Alzheimer's Support's 30th anniversary walk, the charity has decided to go ahead with its annual fundraiser as a virtual event for everyone to do at home. We would like you to complete 30 minutes of exercise in your home or garden on Saturday 16th May.

The format is entirely up to you and can be spread out throughout the day between the hours of 10am and 6pm. You may wish to walk laps around your garden or front room, set up a training circuit in the garden or go up and down the stairs. Or complete 30 minutes on the exercise bike or treadmill. Remember to have fun!

Get family or friends involved, whether you are at home together or connecting from afar. The more the merrier!

Please donate on this fundraising page and inform us of how you will be joining in. 

We hope you will enjoy taking part in this exciting event.

Good luck!

Gemma Bradshaw