Imagine living your life to the fullest and then being unable to share all your amazing stories with your grandkids. Imagine not being remembered by your own mother or grandmother.

Sounds heart-breaking, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, this is what Alzheimer's does to you.

I have witnessed how distressed someone can become when they’re no longer remembered or how distraught a whole family can be when dementia takes a turn for the worse. These things are soul breaking to watch.

For the past 2-3 years, I have witnessed my partners family care for their nan, who unfortunately lives with Alzheimer’s. I have witnessed how hard carer's work to look after their patient, and I have witnessed how quickly someone’s health can deteriorate.

To help raise money for the Alzheimer’s Support, I have decided to take a big leap and I’ll be doing a skydive on the 24th of September. All donations will go towards supporting the fantastic work they do for people living with dementia and their carers.

Any contribution you can make would be hugely appreciated as this is a cause close to my heart and I feel it is well worth the donation.

Special thank you to Shirley for inspiring me to do this for a phenomenal cause. This one is for you and all the other soldiers battling this horrible disease.

Gabriela Da Silva