My Dad has Alzheimer’s. My Mum, as his carer, has been supported by Alzheimer’s Support so I’m shaving my head to help raise funds and awareness.

Alzheimer’s is a horrid disease that does more than make the person forget things, it’s a thief!

Alzheimer’s steals the memories, the pride and the personality of the person affected and causes pain, heartache and grief to the loved ones. It can grind down the carer to the point of exhaustion.

I know this because my Dad has been affected by this horrible disease.  Those of you who know my Dad will know him as outgoing, friendly and chatty, a man who clearly loved his kids and would puff his chest out with pride when speaking of us. That man sadly no longer exists.
Alzheimer’s has stolen my Dad from me, he no longer knows who I am which kills me. He used to tell me that I would always be his baby, now he doesn’t recognise my name. I feel like this illness is taking my Dad from me piece by piece and I hate it!!

I also see what this is doing to my Mum, she is an incredible lady, so strong, loving and giving but Alzheimer’s is taking its toll on her.
My Mum is my Dad’s sole carer. She can’t relax, read a book, watch a TV programme or stay engaged in a conversation She struggles to get Dad to eat, take his meds or simply drink. She has to wash him, get him dressed, all the things we take for granted. I am so scared for my Mum’s health because of the constant strain she’s under, physically, mentally and emotionally. This is why I’m doing this and this is why I need your help.

Alzheimer’s Support is now helping my Mum, she has been getting advice on financial benefits and assistance in filling out the necessary forms and now has someone coming in for four hours a week to enable my Mum some much needed down time.

All these things need funding, I’m hoping that the fact I’m willing to shave my head will convince you all just how much Alzheimer’s Support need your cash!

Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated, if you can’t afford to donate then please show your support, come to The Puriton Inn on Saturday 18th April 2020 at midday where Adam from The Cutting Room will be shaving my head!!
I really hope to see you all there, even if you just want to come to laugh at me!

Please, please share to raise awareness.
Thanks in advance for your support and donations, I look forward to seeing you on the 18th April. 

tina flavell