I work for Alzheimer's Support as a Home Support Care Coordinator and I also run two of the Community Groups. I've been dyeing my hair for a few years now and have decided that I'm not going to hide my grey hair any more.

In three month's time, when the colour will have started to grow out again, Teresa, my hairdresser at Diffusion in Sidmouth St, Devizes, (just up the road from our Head Office,) will not be styling my hair as usual - she'll be giving me a buzz cut and shaving my hair right back to just the grey!

My hair will grow back, but the brain cells damaged by dementia do not.

We help those living with dementia and their families to live as well as possible for as long as possible and encourage and support them to create some wonderful experiences.

In Braving the Shave, I would love to raise some money for Alzheimer's Support, to help the charity do this. All donations received will help to fund our 'Grand Day Out' in September, which is being organised by the Home Support and Community Services for the benefit of our service users.

I would love to have some moral support at Diffusion to help me Brave the Shave. My appointment at Diffusion is at 11:30 on Friday 9th June and I'll be sat by the window. Come and watch my hair fall to the floor!

If you would like to donate via this page, or drop your donation into one of our collection buckets on the day, I'd be really grateful! Sarah Tyler