On Sunday 7th May, I will be taking on a 15,000ft skydive, I am shaking just writing it! There was also a choice of 7,000ft or 10,000ft, but hey, if I am going to fall out of a plane I thought I should do it big style 😊 I will be freefalling for 1 minute at 125 mph, before the parachute opens, along with my crazy colleagues Laura and Jodie.

I’m raising money for Alzheimer's Support, an incredible charity that have been supporting people affected with dementia and family carers for 30 years. Dementia and indeed any form of brain deterioration or injury, can be completely devastating and life changing for both the individual and the family.

Very sadly, my brother suffered brain damage at the age of 5, which resulted in him going from a lively, crazy, mischievous 5 year old to losing the ability to communicate or do anything for himself, missing out on all the fun that a 5 year old would enjoy and through life thereafter. This was heartbreaking for my family to come to terms with, grieving for the child he was, yet adapting to do everything possible to make his life the best it could be. The effects of dementia are the same, just as cruel and devastating.

By supporting me and donating to Alzheimer's Support it helps provide vital services that offer companionship, advice and support for people who have been diagnosed. Every year Alzheimer’s Support needs to raise £300,000 to keep their award-winning services running - and I want to help make this happen!
Please support me!

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