I play flute with a local music group, Mistral and before Covid struck we regularly entertained at the Devizes and Trowbridge Day Centres. There is always such a lovely, friendly, happy atmosphere at these centres and everyone seems to enjoy being there. It's been a strange year for us all but it's perhaps been particularly isolating for those affected by dementia. AS has continued to support local families during these difficult times. I've seen first hand the excellent work that AS does and I know that every penny raised will go towards continuing to support Wiltshire families.
I'm not really a runner but impulsively applied for the Virtual London Marathon and got a place. (There's a great medal on offer and who doesn't love a bit of bling?!) With just 5 weeks to go until race day, I was never going to have time to build up to running 26.2 miles. Instead, I intend to run the first 10K (6.2 miles) and then walk the remaining 20 miles. This will be a huge challenge for me, I don't think I've ever covered that distance on foot in one go before. I am already training hard and will continue to build up the miles over the coming month.
Please donate if you can. Knowing that you're waving your pompoms and supporting me will help to get me round on the day!

Dawn Holt